SparkAce Cold Spark Machine - Used
SparkAce Cold Spark Machine - Used
SparkAce Cold Spark Machine - Used
SparkAce Cold Spark Machine - Used

SparkAce Cold Spark Machine - Used

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This machine is used for 12 months, only utilised 12 times for wedding events.

It is in good conditions, working perfectly and has a 3-month warranty.

 $750 GST include.


Our SparkAce operates at such cool temperatures with not flammable sparks. The machines have multiply built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at any time.  This is a new technology in the world of the stage of effects.

​The effect is simply created by heating a granulated alloy which is then blown from an opening in the top of the unit to create a fountain of sparks. 

​The effect has been designed for indoor use as it is extremely safe and does not present a fire risk, meaning that it can be safely used in practically any venue. 



  1. It is not a Firework, it is non-Pyrotechnic.

  2. There is no smoke, no smell.

  3. It is very safe for indoor use with minimal training required.

  4. Height Adjustable from 1m-5m.

  5. Non-Hazardous.

  6. Safe to touch the spark effect while the machine is operating 

  7. Our Machines are DMX or Remote Control

  8. Dimension: 230 x 195 x 300 mm


Package Included:

1 Cold Spark Firework Machine
1 Power Cable
1 DMX Signal Cable
1 Remote Control