Gender Reveal Holi Powder Smoke Colour Cannon Pack with 2 pcs - 40 cm


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They are perfect for a Gender Reveal even when you don't know yet if the baby is a Boy or a Girl. You can purchase both colours to feel more comfortable.

These look just fantastic for your gender reveal, with a nice POPPING sound when it bursts out.

The tubes are sealed and loaded and the only identifier of colour is a small colour label on the base (blue or pink, some of the ‘pink’ labels are a bit salmon shade but don’t worry the powder is very pink) You should cover this up if you want to keep it a secret for your friend.

Occasionally, there is a small amount of powder discharged during shipping. You should open the box, wipe away any powder on the outside. 


Quantity: 2 cannon pieces 
Colours: 1 Pink and 1 Blue / 2 Pink / 2 Blue
Range from 8-10 m high 

Measure: 40 cm

How to use:
A simple twist of both halves is all that is required to activate. 

Confetti Cannons are Not a Toy. 
ALWAYS remember to apply common sense and never point directly at a person or animal.