About us

The AceFX offers the best option in Confetti Cannons, Powder Cannons, and Cold Spark Machines for all types of celebrations such as Weddings, Gender Reveals, Corporate Events, Awards, Graduations.

We help deliver spectacular effects to your guests with gently rains confetti, like glittering snow, creating unforgettable memories.


Our handheld confetti cannons are simple fail-safe devices that can be used by almost anyone. Our products are extremely safe and do not require any special licence to operate.


Why buy from us?

Because we are direct importers with massive volumes. That is why we can sell with competitive pricing, resulting in savings to you!


We are Adelaide based and for the best pricing we ship to everywhere in Australia. And also, we offer top quality confetti cannons with service levels that far exceed everyone else!



The AceFX take the time and effort to understand your requirements and recommend the most suitable effect and size for your venue, to meet your expectations and especially captivate your guests.


All orders are shipped from our Adelaide warehouse via Road transport or Postal.