When Should I Have A Gender Reveal Party?

Posted by Cibele Rodrigues on

For most of human history, we had no idea what gender a baby was until he or she was born. Even with the universal use of ultrasounds beginning in the 1990s, the gender could not be determined until 18 to 20 weeks gestation. This meant most moms-to-be didn't know what they were having until they were five months pregnant, around the time they would typically look at having a baby shower.

Now, thanks to an optional blood test known as NIPT, which primarily checks for Down's Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities, moms-to-be can know the gender of their child as early as 10 weeks. This led to the invention of “gender reveal parties” that can happen as early as two and a half months into pregnancy. The question then became when do you throw a gender reveal party?

The answer depends on several factors.

Option 1: Gender Reveal before Baby Shower

You know the results, and you're excited to share! You want to have your gender reveal sooner rather than later. Just remember you don't want it too close to your baby shower, which is traditionally held in the third trimester (around 28 weeks to 34 weeks gestation).

If you know who will be hosting your baby shower, get together and consult on the best times for both parties. Try to space them out by at least a month.

Because we know the gender so much earlier these days, most women throw their gender reveal parties right away, long before the baby shower. However, just know that if you do this, you are likely to receive many gendered items, especially clothing, at your shower.

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Option 2: Gender Reveal after Baby Shower

If you aren't down to have 50 pairs of “Princess” themed bibs and tutus or sports-themed onesies with moustaches on them, you may want to reverse the order of your parties. When people don't know the gender, they're constrained to giving more gender-neutral items. Oftentimes, this means you end up with more practical, useful items (think bottle warmers and diaper pails) rather than more clothing than your child can wear before they outgrow them.

The downside is you might not get a good showing. Once the baby shower is done, people may not see a reason to come back for another party, especially if they assume gender reveal parties require another gift.

Option 3: Joint Gender Reveal & Baby Shower

Your third option is to host your gender reveal at your baby shower. To do this, you'll again want to coordinate with the friend or family member who will be hosting, since etiquette traditionally says the mother-to-be should not host her own shower. Together, you can come up with the perfect reveal strategy, whether cake or confetti poppers or a piñata. This joint-purpose party is great for women who don't want to be the centre of attention for too long. It also helps prevent the gender-themed gifts that many mothers would prefer to avoid.


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